Catherine Lievens

Catherine lives in Italy with her son, three cats, and her husband, who doesn’t like cats. It’s not Catherine’s fault strays seem to love her. She’s the one author who hates coffee and lives on energy drinks instead, and she wishes she could have more time to read, so sometimes she skips housework to do just that. Books can make everything look better, including dirty floors. Catherine Lievens has always loved books. She’s not sure how she managed to marry a man who doesn’t read, but she deals with it and buys enough books for both of them. Just ask him—he frequently wonders if the books on her shelves mate with each other to produce new ones. She never told him it’s only her buying more books. After brushing up her English to graduate in English language and translation, she decided to put it to good use and write the characters she always dreamt of. She likes writing about creatures people say don’t exist, like shifters and harpies, because her life’s too boring to write about what she knows, and she always wanted to be a cat anyway.