Giulia Maggio-Tremblay

Giulia Maggio-Tremblay is a university student whose chief joys in life are reading, singing, yarn crafts, animals, beach vacations, and of course writing. Her ideal future includes working as a novel editor in addition to writing her own books. Her ideal home would have a turret, an indoor pool, a solarium, a gorgeous library, and would feature water views, as well as a private beach and forest, and space for a few ponies. (She has yet to come across such a place, but it shouldnt be long.) Giulia has a definite weakness for anything matcha green teaflavored, and baffles the Italian side of her family by her aversion to tomato sauce. The remainder of her relatives hail from Ghana and from Québec, where Giulia lives with her parents, older brother, grandmother, cat, and beagle.

This year, Giulia will act as co-editor for her schools literary magazine, which is celebrating its 125th annual issue.