Tali Segel

As a scholar by day and baker by night, Tali spends her time thinking about live yeast and dead languages -- that is, when she isn't busy reading and writing about love, sex, and everything in between. Tali Segel lives in New England with her spouse, her girlfriend, three pet rodents, a cuddle-pile of teddy bears, and almost as many cooking supplies as books. She has been writing stories since grade school, but her favorite fiction explores a vast range of times and places, strives for inclusivity, and genuinely believes in the timeless power of love. Tali herself is a foodie, a geek, an introvert, a cyclist, and a queer kinky poly woman; she maintains that she was a hipster before being a hipster was cool. When she asked her spouse to list her interests for a bio, he suggested “porn, fan fiction, Dragon Age, more porn, and tolerating her spouse.” She can’t really disagree.