CHEONG JIN-WOO stared, shock freezing him in place. By the label on her shirt, the clipboard dangling from her hand, and the headset she wore, the woman had to be one of the stadium’s technicians. The soft little moans she emitted tightened his belly. Then Ki-tae opened his eyes, opened his silver eyes, and stared right back at him. He held the technician to his chest with one arm around her waist and his other hand cupping her chin, lifting it and holding her head at an angle. The perfect position for feeding. Those sinfully full pouty lips pulled back, fangs sliding slowly from her flesh, and Ki-tae smirked. Jin-woo ran.

His long legs carried him quickly down the back halls of the stadium, but he got turned around and had no idea where he was going. The deeper he got into the bowels of the building, the more disoriented he became. Cement walls surrounded him. Cords and cables, crates, and trunks lined the hallways, blending one into the other. Finally Jin-woo had to stop. Bending over and putting his hands on his knees, he tried to catch his breath. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be. They didn’t exist. It wasn’t possible.

“I’m the ‘stan’ of a Vampire.”

“You interrupted my snack.”

Ki-tae’s voice, like smooth milk chocolate, caressed his ear. Jin-woo whipped around, throwing himself off-balance. He stumbled backward, colliding with the wall in what appeared to be the delivery area of the stadium. There were large overhead doors to the right and bays where trucks could be backed in to unload. The ceiling rose high above his head, the beams bare and the lighting dim in the corners. Ki-tae continued to move closer.

“I… I didn’t mean to,” he murmured, his breath catching as Ki-tae stalked toward him. Jin-woo didn’t know whether to be terrified or turned-on. His mind voted for terrified, but his body wholeheartedly voted for turned-on.

“Yet you did,” Ki-tae said as he came to a stop in front of Jin-woo.

Mere centimeters separated their bodies. Jin-woo could feel his heat. He pressed up against the wall, his body trembling, as Ki-tae leaned forward. If Ki-tae moved any closer, he was going to find out exactly how much Jin-woo liked his proximity. He whimpered softly, squeezing his eyes closed as he felt the soft brush of Ki-tae’s nose against his sensitive skin. Without realizing it, Jin-woo tilted his head, exposing more of his neck. He heard Ki-tae’s soft chuckle and then the gentle stroke of lips against his skin. The touch sent a shockwave of pleasure through his body, forcing a loud moan from between his lips. He’d never reacted that strongly to anyone before. Granted, it had been a while, but still, he shouldn’t react so powerfully to someone he’d just met, even if it was Ki-tae, even if he was the one idol Jin-woo adored above all others: the one he “stanned.”

“You… smell… delicious,” Ki-tae murmured, bringing his hands to rest on either side of Jin-woo’s head. “And since you interrupted my meal, it is only right that you provide a replacement.”

“I—” Jin-woo began.

“It’s not going to hurt,” Ki-tae purred. “Trust me.”

“Famous last words,” Jin-woo whimpered.






KI-TAE CHUCKLED at his words, his breath puffing back in his face, bringing Jin-woo’s scent with it. Never had a human smelled so intoxicating before. He opened his mouth, allowing his fangs to descend, and sank them slowly into Jin-woo’s neck. The sweet rush of blood filled his mouth, and Jin-woo’s moans filled his ears. Energy flooded through him, along with the most intense pleasure Ki-tae had ever experienced. He pressed his body flush against Jin-woo’s, feeling the hard evidence of desire against his stomach, an answer to his own erection.

Jin-woo gripped his shoulders with surprisingly strong hands, clutching at him. Ki-tae growled softly, pulling more of the sweet liquid into his mouth. He shifted his hips, rubbing their cocks together, the cloth of their pants an annoying barrier. Slipping one knee between Jin-woo’s thighs, Ki-tae parted them slowly. He brought his hands down and filled them with the rounded curves of Jin-woo’s ass, the muscles quivering in his hands. Ki-tae lifted him, settling more firmly between his thighs, and hooked Jin-woo’s legs over his hips.

With each pull on Jin-woo’s neck, Ki-tae gave a slow thrust of his hips. He’d never experienced this much pleasure from feeding. He’d never encountered someone who smelled so damned good. The feel of Jin-woo trembling in his arms thrilled him, and he gripped tighter, causing Jin-woo to whimper. When he had his fill, Ki-tae withdrew his fangs. He licked the wound, sealing it with his saliva. He slowly worked his way up Jin-woo’s neck and along his jaw until he captured those lips in a searing kiss. Ki-tae thrust his tongue deep into Jin-woo’s mouth, tasting him once more. Though he no longer needed to feed, Ki-tae continued the movement of his hips, savoring the way Jin-woo eagerly moved with him.

“That’s it,” he whispered against Jin-woo’s mouth. “Let go. Show me how good it feels. Let me hear you.”

“Oh God,” Jin-woo cried out, clawing at Ki-tae’s back.

“Such sounds you make.” Ki-tae purred again. “Such sweet, needy sounds.”

“Ki-tae,” Jin-woo whimpered. His trembling increased, the movement of his hips erratic.

“Cum for me,” Ki-tae whispered directly into his ear.

Jin-woo screamed.

Ki-tae was stunned. Jin-woo was so beautiful as he came, so stunning. Ki-tae’s gut clenched, and he followed, spilling in his pants as they pressed and rubbed together, panting. He leaned his head against Jin-woo’s shoulder, trying to catch his breath. Ki-tae held him tightly. When he was finally able to breathe normally, Ki-tae lifted his head. Jin-woo’s eyes were closed, his breathing still irregular. He brushed Jin-woo’s hair back from his face, delighting in how silky and soft the black strands felt, how they curled around his fingers.

“Such a delight to the senses,” Ki-tae murmured as he studied Jin-woo’s face. “Such a sweet taste, and so responsive to my touch. It’s a shame I have to leave you.”

Ki-tae cupped Jin-woo’s cheek, brushing his thumb along his full bottom lip, his top lip a perfect bow shape but thinner than the bottom, such a kissable mouth. He lowered Jin-woo to the ground, gently unwrapping his legs from Ki-tae’s waist. He looked down and chuckled as he saw the dark stain on Jin-woo’s pants. “I’ve made a mess of you.”

The sounds of 2NE1’s “Scream” filled the loading bay, and Ki-tae sighed. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, slid the Answer button over, and held it to his ear.

“Where in the world are you?” the stage manager, Seung-gi, demanded angrily.

“I… needed a little snack,” Ki-tae said with a chuckle.

Seung-gi murmured, “I told you we’d get you something on the way home. You risk too much eating at the venue.”

“Don’t worry. I’m finished,” Ki-tae said, caressing Jin-woo’s face once more.

“Please tell me there’s nothing for me to clean up,” Seung-gi said with a sigh.

“No, but there is someone who needs to get home safely,” Ki-tae said. “I’m in the loading bay.”

Seung-gi arrived shortly after they hung up. It was as if he had a homing beacon for Ki-tae. On the one hand, such an ability could be very annoying. On the other, it had saved his life on several occasions. Ki-tae was sitting next to Jin-woo, the human’s head on his thigh as Seung-gi approached.

“Please tell me he’s still—”

“You know I don’t do that anymore,” Ki-tae admonished.

“I know,” Seung-gi acknowledged. “Where does he need to go?”

“25-9 Jongsan-dong Ilsandong-gu, Go-yang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Do you think you can get him home safely?” Ki-tae said after fishing Jin-woo’s wallet out of his pocket and opening it.

“I’ll have Min-ho hyung take him,” Seung-gi said as he pulled out his phone. “You’d best get back. The others are looking for you.”

“They’re always looking for me,” Ki-tae murmured as he gently shifted Jin-woo’s head from his thigh and rose to his feet. He took one last look at Cheong Jin-woo. Dark lashes fanned across his high cheekbones, softly curved and perfect for his face. He looked so sweet and innocent, an immediate draw for Ki-tae. His black hair was short on the sides and longer at the top, styled in slender spikes over his forehead. After a moment’s hesitation, Ki-tae brushed his bangs aside, kissed his forehead, and then walked away. It wouldn’t do to get infatuated with a human. Those relationships never seemed to work out. No relationship ever worked out for him. Absently Ki-tae licked his bottom lip and Jin-woo’s taste burst to life on his tongue. He stumbled and then caught himself. He would never forget that taste, never in a million years.






JIN-WOO AWOKE to the feel of warm sunlight on his face. He smiled at the pleasant pull as he stretched each of his muscles. After throwing back the covers, Jin-woo got out of bed, only to freeze in his tracks. He looked down. Why was he still dressed? Thinking back, Jin-woo realized he didn’t remember coming home last night. He remembered the concert and the intermission, wandering around backstage as part of the University Media Club. He had learned a few new tricks from the cameramen that would help if and when they began filming their web series. After that, nothing. Jin-woo shifted and felt a pulling sensation at his groin. After lifting his shirt, he stared at the dark stain on his pants. He scrunched up his nose at the mess.

Jin-woo dropped back onto his bed, his eyes wide with shock. “It wasn’t a dream. My Ki-tae is a Vampire. He… drank from me and… oh my God.”

Heat flamed in Jin-woo’s face. The things he’d allowed Ki-tae to do. He was shameless. He should have…. Well, Jin-woo didn’t know what he should have done in the face of a Vampire, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to let Ki-tae rub against him like that. Letting Ki-tae drink his blood, yeah, that probably hadn’t been a smart thing either. How was he ever going to watch his favorite idol? How was he ever going to look at those pouting lips and those soulful brown eyes and not remember how Ki-tae had made him cum so hard he passed out… from frotting?

“If that’s what frotting did to me, what would sex do?” Jin-woo whispered, covering his face with his hands. “No, no, I am not, absolutely not going to think about that. It would probably kill me…. Heck of a way to go, though.”

Jin-woo giggled, actually giggled, and that sobered him up quickly. He was a man; he shouldn’t be giggling like some high school girl with a crush. Glancing at the clock, Jin-woo swore softly. He was going to be late for class if he didn’t get his ass in gear. He jumped off his bed, stripping his clothes off as he did so. Forty-five minutes later, Jin-woo was out the door and on his way to Jeonjin University. He made it to Pungson Station by 7:20 a.m. Granted, he’d had to jog most of the way, but he didn’t miss his train, and that’s all that mattered. Another thirty minutes later, the train stopped at Jeonjin University station in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Jin-woo had another ten-minute walk until he reached the campus, but he didn’t mind. Well, in the spring, summer, and fall, he didn’t mind. Jin-woo glanced at his phone and groaned. Fourteen degrees Celsius? Seriously? He loved his country and adored Seoul, but January weather sucked and it wouldn’t start to warm up for another two months. Jin-woo pulled the hood of his parka tighter around his head and kept walking. The sooner he got to campus, the sooner he could warm up.

“Jin-woo-ya!” a familiar voice called, and he paused on the sidewalk outside the station, his boots making a squishing sound in the slush. He waved as his best friend, Yi Min-su, came running up to him, her ponytail bouncing in time with her backpack. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, why?” he asked as she hooked her arm with his and they walked to class.

“You disappeared last night. I waited for over an hour, called your phone a billion times, and sent you message after message. You didn’t respond, so I got worried.”

“No, I, uh…. I’m sorry, Min-su-ya,” Jin-woo said, blushing. “I—I got really sick and, uh, and headed home.”

Min-su punched him in the arm and then hugged him. “I forgive you, but don’t do that ever again.”

“I missed the rest of the concert,” Jin-woo said, rubbing his arm. She always hit so hard. “How, um, how was it?”

“Oh my God, it was amazing!” Min-su bounced. “I so want to have Cheongul oppa’s baby!”

“You’re such a fangirl,” Jin-woo teased.

“Ki-tae oppa was pretty amazing too.” Min-su looked at him sideways. “He did this slow dance. The things that man can do with his body. He’s like walking sex!”

“He certainly is,” Jin-woo murmured.

“Well, fortunately for you, I filmed it.” Min-su smiled brightly. “I sent it to your email this morning. You can watch it at lunch and drool to your heart’s content.”

“Would you mind keeping it down, please?” Jin-woo said, looking around as they entered the university. “I’d rather not advertise that particular bit of information.”

“I don’t know what you’re afraid of,” she said softly.

“Yes, well, people are stupid, and while I don’t deny it, I don’t advertise it either,” Jin-woo answered. Min-su hugged his arm once more. She’d done the same thing when she first found out he was attracted to men. That was an interesting conversation. He should have been more careful when watching the older boys in PE, especially Jae-wook hyung. Man, Jin-woo crushed on him so bad.

“I know,” Min-su said. “So you can watch it when you get home or find a private spot. We have a club meeting today, and Seonsaengnim said we would be having a special visitor to our class, so don’t be late.”

“I won’t,” Jin-woo said with a smile as he tugged on her pigtail. “And if I am, it’s usually your fault!”

“Oh, not true!”

“Very true,” Jin-woo said. “Now, pull up your hood. You’re making me cold. How can you run around in this weather with no hat or gloves and your coat unzipped? Are you trying to get sick?”

Min-su shrugged and looked away. “I don’t feel it.”

“I’d kill to have that ability,” Jin-woo grumbled.

“No, you wouldn’t.” Min-su’s voice was odd and Jin-woo looked at her sideways. What was up with that?

“Well, well, what have we here?” Jin-woo sighed as Ki-bom’s voice cut through the air behind them.

“Doesn’t she have anything better to do?” he asked Min-su. When she would have stopped, Jin-woo pulled her along. They didn’t have time for Ki-bom’s attitude this morning. If they stopped, they’d be late, and Jin-woo didn’t relish the idea of standing in the hall or extra cleaning duties.

“I’m talking to you,” Ki-bom called out.

Min-su tried to turn around once more, but Jin-woo kept a tight grip on her arm, pulling her along the graffiti-covered walkways toward the campus. This section of the city was a little… gritty, but the small areas of evergreens and barren trees were kind of pretty in their own way. He liked it better when the trees were in full bloom and gave some color to the otherwise boring gray concrete and cement. He wished the city would put more of them in. Seoul needed some nature to counter all the industry and urbanization in his opinion. “She is so not worth being late for class, Min-su-ya. Just ignore her.”

“I cannot stand that bitch!” Min-su hissed. “Who the hell does she think she is?”

“I’m not a psych major, so I don’t care about her mental deficiencies. I care about getting to class on time because I hate cleaning classrooms!” he said.

Finally Min-su gave up trying to go back to face Ki-bom. From what Min-su had told him, she and Ki-bom had been friends in elementary school. Then Ki-bom moved away for a short time. Min-su said they hadn’t gotten along since Ki-bom came back. She didn’t go into detail about it, and Jin-woo didn’t press. It seemed to be a sore subject for her. Of course, she also said she didn’t care because now she had Jin-woo, and that was just fine with her. Jin-woo smiled. Min-su was his best friend, and there were so many things he could tell her. Honestly, she was the only person who knew the real Jin-woo, about his dreams, about what he wanted to do with his life, and about his past.