The Bank Job—Andrea Speed


Supervillain Destroyer plans to leave Harbor City and take much of its wealth with him. What should have been a simple bank heist goes bad when the city’s protectors crash his party. Playboy turned superhero-archer Jordan Shaw, aka Crimson Arrow, and his boyfriend, Razor, aren’t going to make Destroyer’s job easy.




Beyond the Temperance Effect—Serena Yates


Captain Jago Baxter of the Explorer I wakes from cryosleep forty-five years after the colony ship was launched in 2094. Their destination is Eridani 2, 10.5 light-years from Earth. Jago and the other five members of secondcrew take over from their predecessors, now in their seventies. But when they enter the new solar system, emotions emerge and tempers fray despite the zeta-waves discovered in the 2030s. These brain waves control emotions and enable humankind to live in a violence-free world—a phenomenon called the Temperance Effect. Jago, with the help of Dr. Pierce Monnington and General Alex Haig, has to find out what caused the failure or face a landing that can only end in disaster.




Couches of Fabric and Snow—Brandon Witt


Levitt Patterson’s apathy toward life and desire to do the bare minimum have cost him much, including the love of a gorgeous man—a loss he never recovered from. In his career as a schoolteacher, Levitt skates by, so when the time comes to take his sixth graders for a week in the mountains, he pretends to be sick so others will do the heavy lifting. From his favorite position on the couch, Levitt discover his ex, Jason, is the principal of the outdoor lab school—and he’s bound to recognize Levitt’s sloth once again. As Levitt’s desire to win Jason back clashes with his proclivity to do as little as possible, he makes a devastating discovery about Jason.




Covetous—Pearl Love


Ad executive Jonathan can’t get ahead in either his love life or his career. His cheating ex, Stan, not only gets his promotion and the hot new stud at the office, but his best friend, Ytasha, betrays him by daring to find a promising love of her own. Jonathan’s luck seems to change one night when he hooks up with a gorgeous man and a bevy of nubile beauties, but all is not as it seems. Jonathan faces the danger of learning what wages he must pay for resenting others who have the things he wants.




The Dark of the Sun—Amy Rae Durreson


When Tomal, a priest in a small village on the slopes of the Shining Mountain, lost his husband, he also lost his faith. Now he is tasked with leading a group of travelers up the mountain to observe an eclipse with both scientific and religious significance. His heart isn’t in his duty any longer, but as he listens to their stories, he grows to care about the other members of his party. And when the sun goes dark, his fragile faith might be the only thing that can save not just him, but his god.




The Gate—J.S. Cook


Jack Stoyles is more than annoyed when his new neighbor blocks the alley with a gate. He confronts the guy but finds that Mark Donnelly, another expat American, is a great guy. They come to an understanding: the gate stays, but Jack’s got VIP access. He and Mark go for a drink together, an impromptu date that turns into a steamy encounter between the sheets. As far as Jack’s concerned, they’re buddies—but it’s not that simple. Mark is a hunted man, and what he's running from, Jack doesn't know. When Jack returns late one night to find Mark burgling the Heartache Café, the situation comes to an ugly head.




Heirs to Grace and Infinity—Carole Cummings


It all comes down to trust. Or it will. It’s Jackson Hunt's job to keep the Bureau's strike teams on their toes and in good fighting form, in order to keep rogue theurgists in line. And one rogue in particular—the shadowy and powerful Sorcerer—is getting too brash, liberating captive theurgists right out from under the Bureau’s collective noses. Jackson decided long ago he's going to need Kyle, the Bureau's resident IT geek  genius, to make it all come out right in the end. But when the Bureau starts detaining children, and the Sorcerer's rescues become bolder, individual definitions of justice get skewed. Jackson just hopes Kyle’s definition will turn out to be the same as his.




Hope—Rick R. Reed


“It's only hopeless if you make it so.” So says Essie, the kind ghost at the heart of this tale about the courageous act called hope. Todd is a young man  who is fleeing everything to hole up in his late mother's small-town home. He thinks his prospects for life—for love—have vanished and here, alone, he can lick his wounds. But with the help of a sassy and opinionated ghost and a handsome next-door neighbor, Cal, who doesn't know when to quit, Todd might find things are not as hopeless as they seem, as long as he has the courage to believe….




Horseboy—J Tullos Hennig


Sabiq flees the burning of Beyrout with his truest friends—the beloved horses left in his charge. He believes the secrets of his past are also, finally, behind him... until he rescues a wounded warhorse belonging to one of the infidels: a Templar, who possesses a secret of his own.




Prudence for Fools—Sean Michael


Seer Del of the Red has been banished from Cloud City by the child king for warning of a disaster that never materialized. Along with his husband, Brawn, and his apprentice, Wu, they leave the city and make the long, arduous journey to the Ugul, Brawn's people.


Though they are welcomed there and Brawn is most happy to be home again, Del cannot shake the feeling that his predictions for Cloud City will come true. When his visions sharpen and become specific, he knows he must make another attempt to warn the city and its ungrateful king, even if doing so will spell the end of his days.




Red Light Special—Rhys Ford


When High Court outcast Fiach ni O’Tamlishen took up the mantle of Knight of Detroit, he knew he was on his own. With Oberon, the Sidhe’s High King, ignoring his existence and left to defend the beaten-down city with a well-meaning but dimwitted dryad named Seymour, Fiach has his work cut out for him.


That is until Oengus, a Knight from Chicago, shows up with a tale of a missing artifact and a bossy attitude on how to hunt for it in Fiach’s city. Then things really go sideways.


If chasing down an ancient trickster with a stolen succubus icon isn’t bad enough, Fiach is torn between lusting after Oengus and killing him. But sex or murder have to wait because if the icon isn’t contained soon, things are going to get dicey for the city Fiach’s sworn to protect.




The Rendering—John Inman


Not all sins hurt others.  Some only hurt the one committing them. Yet still others are truly deadly.


Take Gluttony, for instance....


Driving down the California coast to meet a man who placed an ad on the Chubby Buddies website, Otis Holly, a lonely, obese bookkeeper, hopes this time he might actually find someone waiting for him who will accept him for who he is.  His greatest fear is another rejection.


Poor Otis doesn't know it yet, but he's about to face horrors far more terrifying than a broken heart.




Train To Sevmash—Jamie Fessenden


Jax Colby is an American secret agent operating within the Soviet Union in 1967. His assignment is to infiltrate the Sevmash naval shipyard in Severodvinsk in pursuit of an American scientist turned traitor to his country. But in order to do this, he must first kill a naval lieutenant traveling to the base and steal his transfer orders. He homes in on his target on the two-day train ride from Leningrad to Belomorsk.


But there’s one problem. Lt. Yuri Veselov is handsome and friendly. As Colby spends time with him, he begins to like him—and it might be more than friendship. The train draws nearer to Severodvinsk, and Colby grows increasingly reluctant to do what he knows he must—kill Yuri Veselov.




Traitor—Clare London


Two men face each other from opposing sides of the political fence: the interrogator and the traitor.


Aiden Hanwell rarely knows the name of prisoners he interrogates on behalf of MI5’s specialist Department. But at their London base, he’s shocked to find Cameron Fischera man he knows only too well. Cam was a fellow agent but defected to a terrorist cell six months ago, turning traitor to the Department and to Aiden, his lover. Now Cam has returned, but as a prisoner with no hope of escape.



Aiden struggles to understand Cam’s motives while nursing his personal pain. Cam is haunted by his betrayal of a lover he’d cared for deeply. In those tense hours, neither of them can see any common ground or chance to reconcile, unless there are other secrets to be uncovered—and their skills are up to the task.