Audio Review: The Mystery of Nevermore
June 20

Audio Review: The Mystery of Nevermore

Two 5 star reviews for The Mystery of Nevermore audiobook, narrated by Derrick McClain. To read the review in full, please click the blog link.

"This is one of those books where I have to force myself to write more than just, “THIS BOOK IS GREAT SO GO BUY IT NOW!!”
With that being said, I did obviously enjoy the book.  I’m not really an audio fan, but once I started listening to the book, I literally couldn’t stop.  Be it the author or the narrator, I was so drawn into the story that I couldn’t do anything else but listen." - Crystal's Many Reviewers

"This story is a hot romance with a murder mystery all wrapped up in a very nice package. The narration was excellent, keeping the characters interesting and the story flowing nicely." - Alpha Book Club