Cat Equivalent by August Li
July 20

Cat Equivalent by August Li


As you might know by now, cats are pretty important to the plot of Incubus Honeymoon, and while I mean actual felines, I thought it might be fun to take a look at what the human—and other—characters might be like as cats.



Breed: British Shorthair

Favorite treat: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Quirks: Only likes classic rock. When other music is playing, he will roam around yowling and batting fragile things to the ground until it is changed. Afterwards, he will promptly go sleep. Amorous.




Breed: Khao Manee

Favorite treat: fried queso fresco

Quirks: bites, likes to hide on top of cupboards or in the rafters and drop down on passersby.



Breed: Bengal

Favorite treat: sweet-and-sour shrimp

Quirks: Will roll in glitter whenever possible, chews cords to electronics



Breed: Scottish Fold

Favorite treat: baked goods

Quirks: love of flannel sheets and old sweaters, will scent mark old books.



Breed: Havana Brown

Favorite treat: steak

Quirks: Picks fights with much bigger animals—often wins.


Breed: American tortoiseshell

Favorite treat: scrambled eggs


Quirks: Has been seen receiving gifts of small prey from other cats. Polydactyl.