Coming Soon: Dreamlands Bundle
January 09

Coming Soon: Dreamlands Bundle

Coming January 19th, get all four books of Felicitas Ivey's "Dreamlands" series for $9.99!

The Trust and its battle-hardened recruits are fighting a horrific war, a war between the humans of this world and the demons of the Dreamlands, an alternate world harboring dangerous monsters from children's nightmares, unbelievable sorcery, and more power than any one man, demon, or institution should possess. In this shadowy battle, Keno Inuzaka is merely a pawn: first an innocent bystander imprisoned and abused by the Trust, then a captive of a demon *oni* when taken to the Dreamlands. Accompany Keno on his mystical journey of growth, adventure, love, family, and belonging. 

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