Creating Quarry's Cover
January 17

Creating Quarry's Cover

I love the cover of Quarry! Not only does it represent several key events in the book, it looks great. Seriously, let’s face it, swords and sabers are uber cool. You might notice one of the swords has a lovely sea monster head.

That particular weapon is actually a sword cane. Sword canes are swords concealed by a sheath that makes it resemble a walking cane. The sword cane has a significant role to play throughout Quarry.

However, that’s not what makes this sword cane with the sea monster head special. In book #1, Code Name Jack Rabbit, our heroes face off with a lake monster. When I was writing Quarry I added the sword cane with the sea monster head as a reference to the lake monster. I thought it would be a nice symmetry sort of thing.

When it came time to create the cover, I asked the artist, TL Bland, if she could find a sword for the cover that matched the one in the book. Here’s where the really cool part happens. TL couldn’t find a good match, except for one in her personal collection that was hanging on her living room wall. Yes, my cover artist collects sword canes, she owns quite a few, she says the count is around forty-five sword canes. She set up a photo shoot and acquired the needed images to create the awesome cover of Quarry!


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