Earthshatter Character Feature: The Captain
March 08

Earthshatter Character Feature: The Captain

In celebration of the release of Earthshatter, I’m happy to present some behind-the-scenes information and concept art on some of the characters you will meet in the novel!

Every member of the Crew was chosen by Kyrios, a near-omnipotent AI, for a purpose they have yet to discover. They were each given a card with their likeness and a title beneath it, the only clue they have as to the plan Kyrios may have in store for them…

Alain Fournier: The Captain

Some would say that Alain has lived a privileged life. He is twenty years old, the son of a wealthy couple, and someone who has never known what it is to want for anything. Yet he has known loss, and hardship. When his parents passed away in an accident he was still in his teens. He inherited the family fortune and the responsibility to care for his younger brother Dex, and rose up to the challenge admirably. He resisted the urge to squander his wealth in lavish trips to Haven Prime, instead setting aside a fund for both himself and his brother, donating the rest of the family inheritance to charity. As soon as he graduated from high school he enrolled in Haven VII University and chose medicine as his career path. His goal in life was clear: he wanted to become a psychiatrist so he could help others. Starting with Dex.

Alain knows that Dex is special. Dex can see things. He knows things about others, things he couldn’t possibly have found out, as if he were somehow able to pluck the thoughts from their minds. Unfortunately, Dex’s strange gifts carry a heavy price. He needs to be alone, isolated from others, and a mental institution in the Psychiatry Wing of the Electorate Research Compound is the only place where he has found peace. Alain hates to see his baby brother stuck in a cell, even if Dex insists that it doesn’t bother him. Maybe, after Alain becomes a psychiatrist, he will be able to figure out is what is going on in Dex’s mind. For now, though, his plate is full. He has to juggle demanding studies, a high-maintenance girlfriend like Marie, and the occasional bike torus race while making time to visit Dex as often as he can. He knows it will be worth it, though. This is the path he chose for himself, and he is happy to meet its challenges head on.

Except destiny had other plans. And when the Night of the Swarm came and Haven VII was all but destroyed, Alain wasn’t prepared. Not even a little.

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