Earthshatter Character Feature: The Stewardess
March 10

Earthshatter Character Feature: The Stewardess

In celebration of the release of Earthshatter, I’m happy to present some behind-the-scenes information and concept art on some of the characters you will meet in the novel!

Every member of the Crew was chosen by Kyrios, a near-omnipotent AI, for a purpose they have yet to discover. They were each given a card with their likeness and a title beneath it, the only clue they have as to the plan Kyrios may have in store for them…


Marie Lefèbvre

The Stewardess


Marie is beautiful, and she knows it. Not that she hasn’t worked hard for her looks. That would be stupid. She’s serious about fitness because it comes with her lifestyle – becoming a famous dancer isn’t easy, not even when her father is one of the most influential politicians in the Electorate of Haven VII. She has never cared much for politics, though. There’s too much deceit and far too little glamour. Marie prefers the straightforward honesty of the dance floor, where it’s only the music and her performance guiding the hearts and the eyes of her audience in any direction she wishes to take them.

At twenty, she knows she is probably too young to get married, but when Alain popped the question she said yes. It was unexpected, but beautiful. Alain had the whole thing planned beforehand and he convinced all of his geek friends from the Medicine Faculty to perform a flash mob dance for her. Marie was delighted, even if the actual performance hadn’t been very good. It was the thought that counted, though, and it had been a true surprise. Not even her best friend Rain had told her about Alain’s plans, and Rain was in on the entire thing.

Secretly, Marie is incredibly relieved that Alain proposed. He has been acting distant lately, almost doubtful. He’s not as affectionate anymore, and once Marie walked in on him crying, sitting alone in the living room of his huge lakeside mansion. He was holding a tablet displaying a picture of himself taken a few years earlier, where he was standing next to another teenager with dark, bushy eyebrows and a mean frown. Nikos. Marie asked him about it, but Alain insisted that he was only feeling melancholy because of how things had changed from when his parents were alive.

Marie comforted him that time, and gently but firmly took the tablet away from his hands. She chose to believe him, squashing her simmering doubts. It was probably nothing to worry about. Yet.

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Art by Roberto Zúñiga