Enough With The Capes Already! By Andrea Speed
November 07

Enough With The Capes Already! By Andrea Speed

I know what you’re thinking – ugh, no more superheroes. They’ve been done to death. And I agree with you completely, which is why this story is about super villains.


Not your typical “… and I will rule the world!” sort of super villain, or the Joker type, who seem to be simply deranged. No, these are super villains who don’t quite fit, but are far from heroes. Not anti-heroes either, as those are different things. The characters of Hearts of Darkness had no choice in deciding their fates, at least up until now.


Kaede is either the son or a clone of his mad scientist super villain father, Doctor Terror. He honestly doesn’t know which one, and his father isn’t exactly the most forthcoming to Kaede about anything. That’s kind of his M.O. Kaede was born into this life, and is assumed to be as evil as his father, if not as deadly. And then there’s the bodyguard that his father sends him, Ash. A genetically modified – or gengineered – individual raised in a notorious Indonesian death cult, he is a living weapon, made solely for the purpose of destruction. But who is Ash, beneath the alterations and the indoctrination? Even Ash isn’t sure. I like to think there’s a wonderfully dark sitcom in here, about the supervillain spawn and the living weapon – a sort of Odd Couple with lots of violence and a little romance.


I would describe Hearts of Darkness that way, except not so much comedy. A little – there’s always a little – but there’s a lot of fighting, conniving, and use of terrible super villain and superhero names, as well as fantastical gadgets, most of which work. (There’s a guy in a sort of iron suit … Tony Stark he is not.) It was fun to write, and Kaede and Ash are not heroes, but they’re not exactly your typical villains either. They live in that gray area, where the choices made for you and the choices you make reside.


And if enough people pick this up, I promise I will write that super villain sitcom. You just watch me.