From the files of Standartenführer Karl Holm by Anne Barwell
December 19

From the files of Standartenführer Karl Holm by Anne Barwell

Berlin, January 1944

Although the fugitives continue to elude capture, I am confident they will soon be in custody.  This dossier contains brief descriptions and information about our prey and the Allied team foolish enough to assist them.

Kristopher Lehrer—29, blond hair, blue eyes, height 178cm, slender build. He was one of the key scientists working on the project at the institute. His only surviving family in Berlin is his sister Clara, a physician, already in custody.  Lehrer is wanted for treason and murder, but capture him alive if possible. He is believed to be travelling with Schmidt (see below).

Michel Schmidt—late 20s, dark blond hair, green eyes, height 183cm, more muscular build. It is doubtful Schmidt is his real name although he is known to the Berlin Resistance as Gabriel, not much information is available about his origins.  Schmidt is armed, dangerous and already proved himself a formidable foe against an SS officer. He is believed to be travelling—and working with—Lehrer.  Wanted for treason, murder, and impersonating an Obergefreiter.

Ken Lowe—29, dark brown hair, black eyes, height 175cm, slender build. He speaks passable German, although his accent gives him away as an American. Lowe is wanted for further questioning, so capture him alive if possible. 

The Priest—early 30s, brown hair, blue eyes, height 180cm, muscular build. He is American, although he speaks German fluently with a Berlin accent.  Despite his garb it is doubtful that “Matt”—as he is referred to by his companions—is a member of the clergy.

Name unknown—early 30s, black hair, black eyes, height 175cm, slender build. This man appears to be part Chinese although speaks German well, and English with a British accent. Not much information exists about him although he is clearly a part of the Allied team.

All information, however seemingly insignificant should be reported to SS Standartenführer Holm directly or his second in command SS Obersturmführer Reiniger.