Go Big or Don’t Bother By  Caleb James/Charles Atkins
January 19

Go Big or Don’t Bother By Caleb James/Charles Atkins

I’ve written many books, both as Charles Atkins and as Caleb James. Sometimes the idea for the next one can be distilled down to a single thought. With EXILE it’s redemption. Is it possible to do terrible things, reassess your life, and turn the ship around? Can the leopard change its spots?

            The HAFFLING trilogy, in which EXILE is book two, rests on three themes. The first volume is a classic hero story, where Alex Nevus puts everything on the line for family and love. It’s who he is. It’s what he does.

With EXILE, I pull Liam Summer from his role as the evil queen’s cat’s paw and set him on a dangerous path, where he must literally go through fire and confront the demons that have shaped him into a being he despises. Along the way we have a fun and growing cast of friends, lovers, and foes, and because these books travel between the human and fey realms, rules change, on goes off, and up becomes down.

            As for the final book, HOUND, which I’ve just written, the task set before my heroes is to overcome the enslavement of addiction, whether from drugs, or impossible relationships.  As a psychiatrist−yup, it’s my day job−this trilogy lets me pour decades of experience into paranormal novels rooted in big themes that take the reader through unexpected, beautiful, and at times frightening adventures.