Going Beyond Romance by A.M Burns
July 19

Going Beyond Romance by A.M Burns

 There is so much more to literature than just romance. Sometimes we have to spread our wings and try different things. That's where "Native Wind" came from, the urge to get out and try something totally different. You don't get much more different than a weird western, steampunk, fantasy book that has cowboys, Indians, steam-powered metal men, shifters, dragons, a strong gay couple and so much more. Putting all this together turned out a lot better than I anticipated. All my beta readers loved it, some going as far as to say it was one of the best things I'd ever written.


There's lots of action and adventure as we deal with cattle barons, railroad tycoons, and missing dragons in the frontier of the American West. Yes, our two main characters, Trey McAlister and Gray Talon are in a relationship when the book starts, but their love for each other plays a huge role in the book. It wouldn't be the same without he guys. We explore both characters as they grow and change over the course of their quest to find the dragon's daughter. They end up trying to rescue the dragon from the evil wizard and the cattle rancher he works for. Yes it's unusual, but it's a lot of fun.


I was shooting for something unique and I think I got there. This book will wet your appetite for more, and don't worry, the second book is in the works.