Great Review for Crisped + Sere
August 12

Great Review for Crisped + Sere

G Cassidy, a NetGalley reviewer, shares their thoughts on TJ Klune's new book Crisped + Sere.

Dark and action-packed.
Crisped + Sere is a page turner: the second half is non-stop action and the next parts can't come soon enough. The first book was a little reminiscent of The Road (only better because that book is un-palatable) and a little Riddley Walker. This second part adds a little more Walking Dead flavor.
Saying all that - both parts have their own, independent dystopian identity, and the characters and relationships between them are uniquely T.J. Klune. 
Like the first book, there is a lot of repetitive imagery, but its pervasiveness is lessened by the action. Lucas' character is more fleshed out - he becomes more human, and therefore his relationship with Cavalos becomes more believable and real.
What is so strong about this series is what happens in Cavalos' mind - what is real, what isn't, how he hears and sees things that he couldn't possibly really sense - it's a really lovely literary device, showing how compassionate and empathic he is - character traits which he denies to himself - while creating an intriguing ambiguity in the narrative.

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