Inside Casto’s Head by Xenia Melzer
December 09

Inside Casto’s Head by Xenia Melzer

Casto is one of the central characters in my Gods of War series, and also the one who intrigues me the most. In the early stages of writing the series, he was a lot meeker than he is now, with a personality that submitted easily to Renaldo’s strong will.

The more scenes I wrote, the more clearly I saw that Casto is anything but meek. He may be broken and twisted and sometimes close to crazy, but weak he is not. He has gone through a lot at a young age, things that would have broken stronger men, but he persevered.

As it turned out in Casto, he needed this strength to deal with Renaldo, who is every bit as stubborn and unbending as he is. Some might think their kind of relationship is unhealthy and, at times, abusive, and even ill-balanced because Casto is so young compared to Renaldo. I don’t deny that. Their pairing is unlikely and seemingly doomed from the start.

 My focus is on how those two strong personalities bounce off each other and try their hardest to find some kind of peace despite all the difficulties they have to face. The way they are driven by a love that knows no reason or sanity. The kind of love that is too crazy for reality.

Both are haunted men who not only fight physical enemies but also have inner demons that keep them from letting go and trusting the other.

In Love and the Stubborn, their relationship undergoes drastic changes that will shape the story in the following books.