Legend and Myth Meet Science and Technology by Elizabeth Noble
July 12

Legend and Myth Meet Science and Technology by Elizabeth Noble

Hiding in plain sight they’re right there, always watching, always ready. Covert operatives with a very unique skill set. Hearing so sensitive special equipment is not always needed to communicate. The ability to move so quickly human sight can’t follow. A sense of smell so powerful it’s a weapon all to itself. Surveillance cameras? No worries, some can walk right by and never be seen by the camera lens.

The Vampire Guard are high tech spies, but many are much more. Paranormal beings—vampires and werewolves—join their human counterparts, working in stealth and shadows to make the world a safer place. They’re those mysterious strangers who suddenly appear and just for a second their eyes are a completely solid color, no whites, no iris. A wolf charges into the fray from the spot where a man stood mere seconds ago.

Those vampires, werewolves and humans skilled in spy craft, accomplished in urban warfare or who possess an investigative genius may one day hear the statement, “Welcome to the Vampire Guard.”

When the threat is too great for human law enforcement to handle, world leaders turn to Akhkharu Nasaru: The Vampire Guard.



Forge, Blair, Lucas, and Declan are recruited by one of the world’s most ancient and secret societies, where they employ a combination of supernatural powers and cutting-edge technology to hunt down terrorists, thieves, biological weapons… and sometimes even their fellow vampires and werewolves. An eclectic organization comprised of individuals with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and abilities, this guard has bite—and they’re not afraid to use it.