April 20

"One incredible ride"

This is the first Albert Nothlit book I’ve read and all I can say is that I feel like I’ve discovered a huge secret but one I have to share with everyone I know, and as a very occasional guest writer for On Top Down Under Book Reviews I thought who better to share it with. 

Earthshatter literally shattered my mind, it is an amazing read and for its main genre Sci-Fi it is like absolutely nothing I have read for years. I can’t believe a book of 530 pages went by so fast that I was shocked out of my drooling induced trance when it finished, as I just couldn’t stop reading it and was clinging to every word. Not many books drop me into another plane of existence to the point where I don’t even hear the phone ringing. The storyline is captivating and the writing style, while a little unorthodox, works well in conjunction with the alternating POV’s as they begin to switch and by the end of the book they’re in high rotation, yet it does not get sloppy nor leave the reader scratching their head. For me it was an amazing experience and there is no filler in the book either. 

I’d like to say upfront that there are no relationships in this book even though I found it under a sub category on Goodreads as Romance> MM. Even though this is 100% wrong as the category I still would have read it anyway. There was no way anyone was going to get into a romantic mood because from page two until page 530 they are running for their lives, constantly. There are however a few hints of two male MC’s who shared a past, but in this book there is simply no time for anyone to get involved. Whether or not it was an intimate relationship I guess the sequel will reveal many more secrets.