Pantsers or Plotters? by Sean O'Meidhir and Connal Braginsky
July 12

Pantsers or Plotters? by Sean O'Meidhir and Connal Braginsky


Connal and Sean are new writers, having only written since 2017. All of their stories thus far are co-authored.  We asked them: Pantsers or Plotters?

We are ridiculous pantsers.  I actually posted this question in a number of groups to gain some wisdom from fellow authors and learned that there is the bell curve of writers out there.  Most, it would seem enjoy writing with some direction with many being completely ordered to the point where they are outlining every moment of their character’s lives; to the other end of the spectrum where authors start with an idea and just run with it.  That’s Connal and me!  

The Nuwa series started with a character from a Vampire the Masquerade, World of Darkness role playing game that I played in 1999.  A friend, Rod, had created the Lamia species of weresnakes which is what the Nuwa species is inspired by.  The character had been played many times over the years with the same origin.  

Well, Thanksgiving 2017 begged for Robbie’s story to be told, though in a slightly different way.  In the game, he was always on the run.  You can see what direction the books took.  That’s right, booksEscape is the first in the series and I hope that readers will love the story and characters so much they stay on for the ride. 

When writing, Connal and I start with an idea, work on the characters, and then just make everything up as we go.  Sometimes we check in about story arcs (what are those again?) and what might make the most sense, but in general we just run with it!  The story comes into some semblance of something someone could read during the editing phase (at which point arcs are identified and fleshed out.)  

If that’s not a pantser, I don’t know what is.  But we like things to happen organically.  For us, our writing is still “gaming” and I think that’s what will always keep it fun!