Passion for Writing by Chris E. Saros
March 02

Passion for Writing by Chris E. Saros


Writing is a passion of mine. Over the years, I have written for so many different reasons. One of the most basic reasons is that I have very developed scenes in my head and they constantly flash through my brain until I write them down. It can be super irritating when you are really trying to focus on something completely unrelated and/or important (i.e. work) and you can’t get the images out of your head. It is basically like a movie playing full speed in my subconscious on high volume. It can be especially diverting and frustrating if that scene involves a lot of dialog. I have found myself completely and utterly distracted at work because the world in my head has taken over. I have to answer phones and have discussions with people, meanwhile, there is this unrelated usually somewhat fantastical situation taking place in the depths of my mind. As I write this, I am realizing it kind of makes me sound like an insane person, but I am sure other authors can relate. Right? I am not alone here, right? No, in all reality, I think we all experience this state of mind to a degree, some more than others. I am lucky, in the fact that I can translate what is happening in pictures and images into words.  

Another reason I write is boredom. When I can’t find the right thing to read (I can be super picky), I write what I want to read. Have you ever found yourself craving something specific but can't seem to find that book, TV show, or movie to quench the yearning? Sometimes you are just in a specific mood and finding that perfect fit isn’t easy. Well, I solve that by writing it down. I become my own entertainment. A lot of times, it is like reading something new because the story comes out of nowhere and I have no idea what is happening or where the characters are going to take me. 

All in all, though, I can say I write to entertain. Entertain myself and to entertain others; it’s all the same in the end. I can’t say I have an agenda when I write. I don’t want to push propaganda, values, or beliefs on anyone, but it doesn’t hurt if your perspective can open doors and widen others perceptions. However, I don’t write with that intention. I write for pleasure and I want you to read for pleasure and I hope that my stories can provide you the enjoyment that they provided me.