Personal Demons by TJ Nichols
February 13

Personal Demons by TJ Nichols

There’s a saying about everyone having or fighting their own demons. As I was tackling a flash fiction challenge (I’d been given 4 or 5 words and told to write something using them) this idea about everyone having a demon popped up again.

What if people literally did have a demon?

For the flash fiction challenge I wrote what would eventually become the first scene, right up to the point Angus…Well I don’t want to give that away.

In the end it wasn’t everyone who got a demon, just those who studied magic because magic came from the world where demons lived. Having a demon that a warlock could summon at will and that would act as a conduit for magic could make someone very powerful.

But like everything there had to be rules. Specifically the laws of physics that energy can’t be created or destroyed, so if magic came from Demonside then it would have to be returned (unless a unscrupulous warlock was intent on gathering magic and not returning it, but that would have all kinds of negative consequences for both worlds!).

I had so much fun writing that first scene that I just kept going with the story.