Review: By That Sin Fell the Angels
August 26

Review: By That Sin Fell the Angels

Sabrina, a NetGalley reviewer, shares her thoughts on Jamie Fessenden's "By That Sin Fell the Angels".

Jamie Fessenden’s By That Sin Fell the Angels is a wonderful, very emotional novel exploring the connection between homosexuality, religion and acceptance, provoking sadness, happiness, rage and even a little disgust along the way. 

Like the author’s previous works, By That Sin Fell the Angels shows his skill in realizing these characters and spinning wonderful stories. The lives of Jack and Terry, Jonah, Eric and Isaac were powerfully written and very touching. 

The multiple points of view were not at any time confused, or blurred and every character had its own, clear identity. 

Highly recommended if you're looking for a mixture of young adult / coming of age struggles, loss and grief of a parent, being in the closet struggles and the pros and cons of religious beliefs.