Review: Ice and Embers
October 16

Review: Ice and Embers

Saskia, a NetGalley and Goodreads reviewer, reviews August Li's "Ice and Embers".

4.5 Stars for the continuation of an amazing series full of unexpected plot twist, brutality and love that warms your heart.

Now that Yarroway is gone to deal with the past that clings to him, Duncan and Sasha are alone at Duncan's new home. Sasha hates all the hassle an aristocratic and high-class life brings with it and just like to deal with it as simple as possible. Namely killing anyone that is a threat to Duncan in Sasha's opinion. Needless to say that neither Duncan nor the nobility is especially happy with Sasha. But Sasha can't just get rid of his upbringing as an assassin just as Duncan can't get rid of his morals and sense for propriety. When Sai comes to tell them that Yarroway needs their help both of them are only too eager to get to Yarroway as soon as possible.

This was just as fucking brilliant as the first book and fingers already strain for the next, but then I won't get to this review until I have finished it. So let's keep this quick cause there is a sexy book waiting for my on my bed.

The dynamics between them are just lovely and I enjoy it every time I get a part where all three of them are together. The only thing I would criticise is that there are a few scenes where something happens or is said where the characters don't start to ask questions but just let it kind of slide. That was the only thing that really bothered and nagged at me in both books up to now. The characters are otherwise very realistic. They are not perfect. Each of them has their own flaws and their decisions aren't always good, right or even moral.

There are more plot twist we get thrown into our faces rather unexpected but nethertheless not unwelcome. I really look forward to see how some of those get resolved in the third book.

Just go read it! Meanwhile I'll devour the next one to see what the fuck's going to happen...