Review: Mute Witness
February 10

Review: Mute Witness

Chloe, a NetGalley reviewer, shares her thoughts on Rick R. Reed's "Mute Witness".

Let me start by saying this is not an easy book to read. It deals with the tough subject of pedephile and it's a parent's worst nightmare come true. This was my first time reading a book by this author and couldn't put the book down. You want to get to the end to see if the there is a happy ending but are left to guess as it's not an easy road ahead . Rick makes you feel the parents pain and misery. 

It's very rare that you find books that actually have a father's view point presented so emotionally. Sean's terror when his son is kidnapped and unconditional love for his son is presented beautifully but I do wish he had fought more with his ex mother-in law for his son. The small minded communities thoughts about homosexuality is also portrayed very well . 

Overall a great intense read, makes you cry (have a box of tissues handy ) and you will not be able to put it down . - 5 Stars


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