Review: Reawakening
January 28

Review: Reawakening

Lisa, a NetGalley reviewer, shares her thoughts of Amy Rae Durreson's "Reawakening".


A copy was provided by NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Fabulous world-building & story telling; I felt like was part of the journey on the caravan. I could feel Tarn's loneliness & desolation as he wakes from his 1000 year sleep to find everyone he loves is gone and the world around him is nothing like he remembers. I could feel how happy he is as he finds Alagard's desert, decides he likes it, and how Alagard's love of life is something he wants to have be a part of his life.

"Above all, the desert tasted loved. It was not a human love, smutty and dense and urgent, but a bubbling, laughing love that had its roots in the bedrock and arched as high as the sky. It felt like his love for his hoard—the love of a creature of spirit and elements"

Then I could feel Tarn's sadness as he remembered the human's he loved in his life before and how empty his life felt without anyone to love him now.

"Everyone who had loved these things was gone, and without love, they had no meaning. They would not succor him."

I could feel Tarn's joy each time one of his new friend's decided to become part of his new hoard. And I could feel his joy when Alagard told him he did indeed love him and their bond snapped into place.

I definitely intend to continue with the series and look forward to reading more about these fascinating characters.

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