Review: The Boys on the Mountain
January 04

Review: The Boys on the Mountain

Honey, a NetGalley reviewer, shares a review on John Inman's "The Boys on the Mountain".

"Wow! Where do I even start. The story was great. The characters very likable..."

"I loved the characters. A new concept of a gay writer purchasing a mansion owned by a deceased gay actor, who actually was a sick serial killer unbeknownst to anyone. As young boys start to expose their ghostly visions to Jim the writer, he knows he has to expose their killer for the boys to move on from this world. In doing this he will write down all of their stories and release it to the public. Sounds pretty straight forward, but that would be to easy. Jim and his friends endure many odd things before the final battle. 

The second to last chapter made me stop and think. Was this real?"

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