Review: The Eye and the Arm
March 28

Review: The Eye and the Arm

Nicky D., a NetGalley reviewer, shares a review of Andrew Q. Gordon's "The Eye and the Arm".

I'll start off by saying don't attempt to read this without having read The Last Grand Master first. If you haven't run right now to buy it.

This has a bit slower pace than the first one, not as much action, it seems to be a transitional book, setting up the coming quests. To me it was still very enjoyable. In place of different battles we have angst. Plus it puts Farrell's flaws front and center. He's far from perfect. Where his abilities are concerned, he is arrogant and condescending at times. He can be emotional and becomes impatient with others trying to step in, sometimes confusing the ones who are speaking only out of concern for him and his quest with the ones that have their own agendas. His saving grace in these situations is that he is willing to admit his mistakes. All of this makes him human in spite of his extraordinary powers.

It makes him vulnerable.

As in the first book, this can get heavy on the dialogue with the histories and explanations of magic being given. Yet, I think it's necessary to have all of this done so we are prepared as the action moves to the forefront in later books.

The bottom line is if you like fantasy series with well thought out world building and characters that aren't perfect this could be a winner for you.