Review: The Shattered Door
March 09

Review: The Shattered Door

Kristie, a NetGalley and Goodreads reviewer, shares her thoughts on Brandon Witt's "The Shattered Door".

...Throughout the story of Brooke’s life, I was so contemplative. It was easy to fall into the world where Brooke lived, and equally easy to compare it to my own life. Looking back, I realized that I was comparing everything to Brooke. It made me think… like, a lot. It made me think about a lot of things. Made me wonder how I would have handled the same types of situations. What would I do? Brooke is a very, very, very good person. It’s crushing to see someone that bright and wonderful, go through such horrible things in their life. What is wonderful about it is how he comes out of it in the end. When he shatters that door in the end, breaks through both figuratively and in reality, it’s awesome, and he’s finally free. So while this is not a book I would normally read, much less recommend, I did, and I do, and I hope you also get something out of it.

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