Scotty Cade's Top 5 Favorite Songs

Thursday December 28, 2017

Hey Everyone! Scotty Cade here. I ADORE music, especially the Great American Song book. I love the way I can hear a song and that song triggers an emotion or a memory in me from long long ago or even from recently. I love music so much, several of my books are inspired and named after songs. “Only Forever,” and my upcoming novels “From a Jack to a King” and “I Wish You Love” are all inspired by and named after song titles.


Here are my all time favorite songs:

1. What a Difference a Day Makes: It’s a song about love and hope and how in just one day a life can change forever. About how yesterday can be blue and then tomorrow you can be a part of someone else’s life.

2. Only Forever: Yes. Again about love and how long a strong love can last and wanting to be with a person as the years come and go. “Only forever, if you care to know.”

3. From a Jack to a King: One of my grandmother’s favorite songs. Again about love. Do you see a theme here? A person gambling on love and going from loneliness to a wedding ring with the roll of the dice.

4. September in the Rain: A brilliant song about whispering sweet nothings to a lover as the sun fades and raindrops start to tip tip tip on the rooftop.

5. I Wish You Love:  Okay, you got me on this one. It's about a break up but loving a person so much you want them to be happy. Wishing them all the nice things like bluebirds in the spring to give your heart a song to sing, lemonade in July, shelter in the storm and a fire to keep you warm.


Okay. It's your turn. What is your favorite song? And what does it remind you of?

We’ll randomly choose one commenter for an eBook prize!

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