Show Me the Magic!
March 17

Show Me the Magic!

One of the things I love most about fantasy is magic. Seeing how someone’s ‘world’ operates is fascinating. Unfortunately, as with any cool thing, too much repetition isn’t a good thing.


When I started the Champion of the Gods series, it occurred to me that to make it truly interesting I needed to keep the magic fresh—no easy thing considering I am not a wizard in real life. And it needed to be something more than, “Farrell blasted the enemy. The enemy fired back.” The magic needed to be detailed, but not overly so. In short, I needed a balancing act worthy of the Cat in the Hat before he fell off the ball.


Kings of Lore and Legend ramps up the magic a notch from the first two books. Why? Because Book III has a wizard’s duel between Farrell and… well you need to read it to find out. But one of the more gratifying release day reviews called the magic “seriously cool magic.” I read that and pumped my fist a bit. I’d succeeded. That’s not to say every time Farrell uses magic, it’s novel and different. Most of the time it happens in the background. Even with something as ‘seriously cool’ as magic, there are only so many ways you can talk in depth about…well anything.


The other aspect I wanted to show was Farrell’s causal use of magic. If you’ve read the first two books and the prequel, you’ll know that he grew up around magic, learning it and using it from an early age. He was a child prodigy wizard. There is a bit of a ‘swagger’ to his use of magic that comes from how he was raised. Farrell knows he’s good, and if the situation requires, he’s not afraid to tell others how good. Unfortunately, his teachers were killed while he was still a teenager and he lost having them around. In the last two books, Farrell is going to find he may not be the top dog in the world of magic.


Now, as an incentive to get you to check out the series, DSP Publications is giving away Book I, The Last Grand Master, for free. You can download a copy from the DSP Publications website, or if you’re a real fan of the series, you can get a free copy by signing up for my monthly newsletter. Now you might be thinking, why should I sign up for your newsletter when I can get the book for less work? Good question. Luckily I have a good answer. As I’ve been working through the revisions, I’ve cut more than a few scenes that, while useful as background when I wrote the story, they don’t really move the story forward. But they are great background information for fans. I’ll be releasing these scenes in my newsletter over the coming months. So if you’re interested, sign up here:




Last, DSP Publications has also put Book II, The Eye and the Arm on sale for just .99 cents. This way you can get hooked on the series for less than a dollar.

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