TA Moore's Top 5 TV Villains

Thursday February 28, 2019


I love a good villain.

1. Kronos - First of all, Highlander fandom is where I met Rhys Ford and Jenn Moffatt. Kronos was my favourite bad guy in the whole series. He was one of the Four Horsemen. I mean, come on. And sure, he was an immortal swordsman determined to unleash a plague of biblical proportions on the world, but all he really wanted was to go back to when he was happy. Murdery, but happy.

2. LaCroix - Forever Knight was the vampire show of my heart. I loved it. It was Lucien LaCroix who made the show though. Half mentor and half asshole, he was stylish, petty (seriously, he got a job as a late night DJ just to screw with Nick), and eternally understandable.

3. Spike and Drusilla - The Buffy fandom is where the other two members of the Five started originally! So again, it can’t be dislodged. Besides, Spike and Drusilla remain some of the best villains ever. Most of the time a villain wants something. All Spike and Dru wanted were each other and bloodshed, bless their simple little hearts. 

My favourite Buffy book is still Pretty Maids All in a Row, which Andi Lee gave me!

4. Jedikiah Price - I like me some psionics, so The Tomorrow People was always slated to be Must Watch TV. It was a show that had its flaws--Jedikiah was, however, an awesome bad guy right from the start. He was a man who was so close to being the hero he imagined himself to be, but compromises and covetousness destroyed him.

5. Monroe - I remain GENUINELY heart-broken over the loss of Revolution. However, I will always have Monroe.

Monroe was handsome, loyal, and his strengths were also his downfall, the fierce loyalty to his best friend transformed into a paranoid distrust of anyone else. Everything about Monroe was sympathetic and understandable, except for the things he did that couldn’t be excused.

And to any Revolution fans still out there, Jeremy lives! :D 

So did I cover the best TV bad guys? Or do you have your own favourites?