The Dangers of High Politics by Xenia Melzer
July 04

The Dangers of High Politics by Xenia Melzer

In Ummana, Casto travels back to the city of his birth to reclaim his birth-right, the throne of Ummana. In Casto and Love and the Stubborn, I have shown his character in relation to Renaldo. Having the two bounce off each other is fun to watch and write. When they travel to Ummana, the reader – as well as Renaldo and the Pack – get to see Casto in his natural element.


We have already seen glimpses of what Casto is capable of, but in Ummana he shows the true extent of his abilities. As you can guess, Renaldo is not always pleased. Bringing Casto back home was also my chance to make him confront his past. There’s a lot of ugliness and he has not only to deal with his father and the Council, but also with new enemies who seek to gain advantage over him.


His relationship with Renaldo is now not only shaped by both their stubborn characters, but also by a new kind of outside pressure, and threatened by their different views of how things should be done.


Ummana, shifts the focus more on Sic and Daran, but the relationship between Casto and Renaldo is still important and I think/hope, readers will like the new dynamic Casto’s becoming a king brings to the plot.


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