The quest for Kyrios continues… by Albert Nothlit
August 17

The quest for Kyrios continues… by Albert Nothlit

The city of Aurora was once known as Haven III. That name, however, has been all but lost to living memory. It is not the only thing to have been forgotten in the two hundred years since Haven Prime took over the world. Things like freedom and safety are becoming increasingly rare.

Kyrios envisioned the Havens as equals, the last safe bastions of humanity amid the devastation that claimed much of the world. For a while, it was so. But then… Then the Shadow came. Kyrios was forced to break apart, to isolate the fragments of its Self to prevent the terrible corruption which claimed its Core from spreading too far. The price of this was that Havens were left to fend for themselves even as strange mutated creatures attacked seemingly out of nowhere. Most Havens survived that horrible Night. Some did not.

Aurora was one of the lucky ones, but the shadow of Haven Prime can be seen everywhere. Aurora is the only city were virtual reality can be found, a priceless attribute which some suspect might exist thanks to ancient technology, rather than recent discovery. To speculate too much on the matter is dangerous, however. There have been signs that the thing controlling the virtual reality service, Otherlife, might be able to think for itself. It is a dangerous situation, and even more so because none in the city suspect the chaos that might be unleashed if things go wrong…