When the EDJ Carries Over
May 19

When the EDJ Carries Over

My Evil Day Job is actually not so evil—I’m a criminal justice professor. Most of the time, though, it stays separate from my writing gigs. But sometimes the EDJ carries over, at least a bit, and my novel Stasis is one example.

On its face, Stasis is a dark fantasy about an aimless man who discovers he possesses frightening powers. He also discovers a man who is trapped in a terrible fate. There’s magic, evil, and a bit of newfound love. But the story also illustrates what can happen when we go too far in our desire to keep ourselves safe from crime—and end up stripped of our freedoms instead.

Do we live in Praesidium, that prosperous but repressive city-state in which wizards can control the elements? Nope. But I think fantasy has always offered us an excellent way to critique the real world.

I hope you decide to join Ennek and Miner on their adventures. And maybe while you’re enjoying the ride, you’ll also think a little bit about our world too.