Whodunit? Excerpt from Mountain Murder Mystery
February 05

Whodunit? Excerpt from Mountain Murder Mystery

“GODDAMMIT, PETER! He was supposed to be sedated!” The doctor rushed about the room like a white-coated whirlwind, accomplishing nothing except more disarray.

“I thought he was,” answered the hapless Peter. “He took his pill last night, same as every other night. I watched him do it.”

“Well, you should’ve made certain he swallowed it!” the doctor snapped.

“How?” retorted Peter, his blood finally boiling. “By pilling him like a cat?”

“If that is what’s necessary… yes!” the doctor replied.

He stopped his aimless jumping about and looked directly at Peter. “Didn’t you know he’s been agitated the last few weeks?”

“Everybody in this place is agitated to some degree. How am I supposed to know the difference?”

“Didn’t anyone tell you?”

“No.” Peter shrugged. “You guys never tell the night shift anything.”

“He’s been raving about ‘shadow men’ coming to help him escape and complete his ‘mission.’”

“What mission?”

“He would never say precisely.” The doctor ran his fingers through his hair in an exasperated manner.

“What are you going to do now?” asked Peter.

“We have to warn his family immediately and then call the police.”

The doctor rushed out of the room and down the corridor, with Peter following at his heels.