Why Cannibals
April 05

Why Cannibals

Hello, Internet! I’m Lex Chase and today is release day of my second DSP Publications release, Chasing Sunrise!

Chasing Sunrise is a harrowing high fantasy horror of Sevon Maraté, a king caught between escaping domestic violence and saving his dying people. Surrounded by nothing but manipulation and lies, he’s led to believe invading the shifter realm and committing genocide is the only way. But when hope presents itself, Sevon will doubt all he knows. He will be driven to make some difficult decisions that will affect not only him, but the fate of his crumbling kingdom.

In the darkness, there’s still a glimmer of hope, but make no mistake… Love makes monsters of us all.

Sevon is an unusual kind of hero, first he’s hyper-effeminate and exclusively wears elaborate gowns, corsets, and jewels. But his people, the aisa, are cannibals, and so is he. And if the gowns didn’t make you pause, surely the cannibalism will make you have a wtf moment?

Why a cannibalistic hero? How is that even heroic?

Well, when you consider in the context of his world, a human being is just food in the way a cow is a hamburger to us. Humans are sustenance. Sevon doesn’t sit back and have a villainous laugh with a metaphorical mustache twirl. His people farm humans like cattle, process them with dignity, and prepare them accordingly for meals.

The concept doesn’t set well with some readers for sure. My mother even puzzles why I’d even write such a thing thinking it’s a thing that “sticks with you.” I don’t think that’s the case. It’s a case where cannibalism in our reality is considered barbaric, beyond cruel, and sick. Which it is indeed all of those things.

But fiction is different. And DSP Publications in particular produces quite challenging books which pose difficult questions to readers. In the media, NBC once had the wildly popular Hannibal, and who doesn’t love the mythos of Hannibal Lecter? Hannibal made no apologies for what kind of show it was. A little (okay a lot) suggestive, horrific, intriguing, and dare I say…sexy? Hannibal tapped into the darkest parts of our own curiosity, and let us safely explore them. I’m pretty sure none of us decided it would be a fantastic idea to go eat someone afterwards. And I read some pretty disturbing fiction, and am fascinated by extreme body modification. But I love cats, Disney Princesses, and sob hysterically at holiday commercials. I’m hardly warped and depraved.

An early review of Chasing Sunrise from Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words said despite these characters doing deplorable things, I still worked hard at getting the point across that Sevon, Jack, and the rest of the crew are the good guys. They’re brave, strong, and true to themselves.  (Read the review here!)

In the context of their world, their world, they’re not the monsters, but they do monstrous things to protect themselves. And having a human for dinner isn’t anywhere close to one of them.