Writing a Series by SA Stovall
April 09

Writing a Series by SA Stovall

I love a good book series. 

For multiple reasons, but the biggest is: if I like a set of characters, I want to see them in all sorts of situations. Funny lunches, terrifying car chases, awkward dates, deep love, dealing with loss or change—and trust me, one book cannot contain it all!

Now, some series don’t follow the same characters (they hop around, usually centered on a theme or location) and those are fine too, but the true series (think Harry Potter) are what always interest me. I can’t wait to see the next big thing for the cast of characters.

Which is exactly why I write the types of books I do. Everything I write, from short stories, novellas, to novels, is a series in my head, complete with a hundred whimsical adventures. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never be able to write all the things I imagine (though I’ll try!). 

In my first novel with DSP, VICE CITY, I struggled to edit myself. How many things can Miles and Pierce really do in a single novel without it going off the rails? I managed to wrangle myself, but now I have ideas for fifty other novels. Some of them got into the sequel, VICE ENFORCER, (like Pierce trying to garden) but again, I had to keep the focus on the story. 

I think that’s the hardest part of writing a series. I can’t write a billion books, so what stories are the most important tell? Some are hilarious, or touching, but all need to move the story forward. So, when I move forward, plotting out more books in the series of Pierce and Miles (and others) I want to impart my love of series onto the reader—and get them hoping to see all those millions of stories like I see them in my mind.