Writing Animals Into Stories by by A.J. Marcus
April 12

Writing Animals Into Stories by by A.J. Marcus

In our concrete and steel world, sometimes it’s hard to get outside and experience the other creatures that share this big blue marble that we float through space on. It’s always a joy to me when I encounter things in books that I don’t normally see in my day to day life. I hope my readers feel the same way when they pick up one of my books.

In the Mountain Spirit Mysteries I throw animals at my readers continually…okay, not literally, I don’t think I’m strong enough to toss a moose at anyone, not even a baby moose, but I wouldn’t want to do that anyway. I like introducing animals we might not know a lot about, sometimes, I don’t even know a lot about them, and I have a ton of critter knowledge. That was the case in “Moose Fever”. I didn’t know much about moose before that, other than what I’d picked up when I talked to our previous local Parks and Wildlife Manager a few years ago when they started appearing on the north edge of the county. So to rectify my lack of knowledge, I hit the internet. There’s tons of info there. I recommend all writers do that anytime you put in animals into your stories.

When I write in animals I try to tell a bit about them, but do my best to not bog people down with tons of useless bird facts and such. So far my readers are responding well to my technique, I hope that continues. I love being both an entertainer and an educator. It makes my life and work fulfilling. Animals of all kinds are things people can connect with. I hope my readers continue to enjoy my stories and the critters human, furry, and featheredthat populate them. Pick up “Moose Fever” or any of the Mountain Spirit Mysteries and learn a bit more about animals and the world they live in while you follow the main characters, Brock and Landon as they try and make the world safer for the animals they share it with.