Albert Nothlit

Albert Nothlit is an engineer who loves thinking about the science behind science fiction. He has been in love with literature ever since Where the Red Fern Grows made him cry as a ten-year-old. Growing up as a gay man, he realized that he had rarely been able to truly connect with the characters he read about in books because almost none of them were like him. He didn’t have any fictional role models to look up to. Now that he is a writer, he tries to convey the joy and pride of being different through his own books and characters, celebrating the fact that each unique voice brings something special to the beautiful chorus that is human artistic creation.

He likes to think about what the future might be like with the help of science, but he has always been fascinated by that other, much more elusive corollary to scientific curiosity: the mystery of consciousness. He finds the fact that a mind can think about itself both marvelous and slightly terrifying. His books often explore how people (or aliens) grow as a result of facing hardship, which has also taught him valuable lessons through the tough portions of his life.

When he takes a break from writing, Albert loves to cook, despite his varying degrees of success when attempting to make good sushi rice. He loves hearing back from readers, so send him a note anytime!