RJ Martin

RJ Martin grew up in the foothills of the Adirondack, attended Skidmore and Columbia and now calls Brooklyn home. He would never want to be without his dog, faith, books, friends, writing, hamburgers, bike, and family. RJ grew up in a teaming horde of a Catholic family in the foothills of the Adirondacks, and other than a few years in Los Angeles, he has lived in Brooklyn most of his adult life. He’s studied writing, in one form or another, while getting a bachelor’s at Skidmore and MFA from Columbia for which he has almost finished paying. He started writing stories while in kindergarten and has never stopped. RJ tends to work in the afternoon but his best ideas come while slurping coffee on long morning walks with his dog. He has been active in the LGBT Christian community, enjoys riding his bike without a stopwatch but to see the world around him, and hiking either in his north country home, on the coast in down east Maine, or Joshua Tree National Park. His favorites: food cooked at a barbecue or in Italy, great conversations over coffee or dinner, and movies devoid of explosions or body counts. He is drawn to books with memorable characters, new insights about a place or profession, and a story that earns it’s upbeat ending. His three goals in life were: to live in New York City, to have a dog he didn’t have to share with his brothers and sisters, and to be a published author. While being very thankful he’s attained those three, RJ is thinking about another set of goals as well as the next idea for a story.