S.A. Ozment

Born and raised in North Carolina, S.A. had big dreams. She had always wanted to write a book but the real world continued to get in the way. Once fate stepped in and she had free time, she decided to take the plunge. She wrote her first book, "Illusions" and just finished her second one, "Demons". S.A. Ozment was born and raised in North Carolina. From the time she was born she had stars in her eyes. Being shipped off to college rather than heading to Broadway (which was her dream) put a damper on her bright lights/big city dream. However, she was still drawn to the world of entertainment. Over the years, when she wasn't working as an accountant,S.A. was promoting different actors and singers via social media, (some officially, some not so officially). Working with celebrities sometimes allowed her to see "behind the scenes" and after deciding to share some of her experiences, she wrote her first book, "Illusions". Most nights, you will find her curled up with her laptop writing or promoting someone. Unless "The Walking Dead" or "Outlander" is on and then you will find her in front of the television.