Sam Carlson

Sam Carlson was born in the suburbs of Chicago in 1981 and caught the writing bug early. From writing plays and poems in grade school through to earning degrees in theater and English from Northern Illinois University, he’s written across several media in his career in order to refine his talents at crafting the best and most interesting characters.

No stranger to long vacations with a certain special someone, Sam has always enjoyed seeing other countries, touring vineyards and wineries to sample the local vintages, and seeing art in the finest museums that will allow an uncultured Midwesterner like himself in through the doors. A lot of those include restored home museums, which was the real genesis of this book.

A Glass of Red is his first title published with Dreamspinner Press and his first published novel.  Despite being a newcomer to the romance genre, readers of Sam’s work are always eager to describe it with words like “touching” and “hilarious.” Sam hopes he can provide a funny (and steamy) experience that will take your breath away.

All the wines and wine pairings mentioned in this book were the result of meticulous personal research, and are highly recommended (to responsible adults, of course).

Sam can be found on twitter @SCarlsonAuthor, where he tries to stay out of arguments with authors that are wiser than him. He can also be found in his native Chicagoland, where he still lives with his husband and their two cats.